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It’s amazing how much better you can feel when your office space is clean and organized. Mine had been a wreck for almost two weeks between prep for the Earth Day festival and leaving town for the trade shows right after. Yesterday and today I spent some time cleaning up (and even decorating a bit) and I feel soo much better. Now my office functions as a mini retail space for EarthDance Tees (slash walk-in closet), showroom for our sustainable apparel options, and center of HR, legal, finance, and marketing operations for the company. Gotta love small business.

My favorite touch was hanging a big Sportsprint banner on the wall (maybe 10 feet long) that’s probably as old as I am. Because it’s so old some of the lettering and logo has peeled off in places, giving the look of an old retro t-shirt print. Some of my friends that noticed it at the festival in Forest Park even thought we made it to look like that.. “No, it’s authentically vintage,” I said. Just like the flaming red V-neck polyester sweater and kelly green men’s softball shorts I found on our racks last summer and have been sporting ever since. There’s some very fun things about a family business that’s been around since 1973.

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