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Even though I’ve talked about reusing Lard and Kahlua boxes, I haven’t shared a bigger list of what Sportprint is doing to go green.   So here are some examples of what else we’re doing!

  • Implemented paper recycling program through Pedro’s Planet
  • Use recycled and biodegradable packaging: we reuse our boxes and use biodegradable bags (we even have an additive that speeds up the process!)
  • Reuse screens used for our t-shirts
  • Use waste computer paper for printing process (some of our stencils are made of discarded cardstock)
  • Recycle beverage containers, buy communal items (soap, sugar, coffee, etc.) in bulk, use cloth towels

Our first major step in greening Sportsprint was participating in the Missouri Enterprise Lean, Clean and Green Assessment, which was an assessment of what we do well and what we can improve on.  Just yesterday we had our one year follow up meeting!  Tomorrow I’ll update you on our assessment and follow-up meeting.

Here’s a link to our recycler, Pedro’s Planet.  They sell office supplies and take our recycling when they deliver the supplies.  Also, they’re super.

Green fun fact, courtesy of ecofabulous: If every UK office worker used one less staple a day, we’d save 120 tons of steel.  Just goes to show how even the tiniest changes add up.

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Uncle Tim laughing at Molly in kickball purple madness

My uncle Tim and I have a very endearing relationship with regards to “this organic thing.” I think it started back when we initiated our office recycling program with Pedro’s Planet last fall and Tim gave me trouble about not wanting another thing near his desk (aka recycling bin). Then I got on his case about his daily trips to QuickTrip to get his and several other coworkers’ cold beverage (iced tea) fixes taken care of in the morning. “Tim, can’t you re-use the same cup-carrier every day? How about we just rinse our cups and you take the same ones to refill every day?” I pleaded. “Molly, I’m recycling paper now, leave me alone, and just go plant some trees,” he joked.

navy organic cotton pullover hoodySo you can imagine my shock and glee when he came in my office today to look for a sample of an organic hoody. I thought he was kidding at first, but since he seemed to be looking for one right away, I asked if he had a customer interested in organic. “I can find what I need!” he insisted. “Well I might be able to help you find it faster if you want. Believe it or not, I do know about those products,” I responded, referring to my lack of knowledge of any of the “regular” products we carry in our showroom!

“Okay, who makes this?” he complied.

“A company called Continental. And it’s really great because it’s actually manufactured using only wind and solar energy! But that’s going to be pricier. Your best bet is Independent,” I answered, happy to be putting all of my vendor and product sourcing work to good use finally! “Hold on, let me get you the info. I think that’s who just confirmed that they could give us case pricing.”

So I jotted down the info for him, and when walking by my office a few minutes later, he said, “Molly, don’t jump out of your skin or anything, but I met your challenge. They just placed an order for some organic hoodies.” (After presenting the sustainable apparel options that we can make available to our customers at a sales team meeting several weeks ago, I challenged each salesperson to make one “green” sale this spring.

“Way to go, Tim! Now you get a green leaf that I can put up above your desk!” I said, gleaming.

“No, I don’t want that. I’ve got a challenge for you now! You have to sell baseball team uniforms now!” (Baseball is my uncle’s forte.)

“Does kickball count? I’ve sold two kickball teams!”

“No, it has to be baseball!”

(And in case anyone’s wondering, the photo in this post is illustrative of Tim & I’s joking-aroundness. That’s me on the right, in full fall kickball gear, for some reason holding a wiffle ball bat, and Tim looking on with amusement on the left.)

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