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Tomorrow is our second Sustainability Committee meeting!  Here’s an overview of some of the items we’ll be discussing at the meeting:

1) We’re going over the Sustainability Policy that I drafted based on our first Sustainability Meeting brainstorming.  So I think after tomorrow I’ll have it available for everyone to see!

2) Expanding upon our ongoing sustainability improvement project (we’re leaning toward our first official project to be waste reduction).

3) Deciding how to lead our green-themed monthly all-team meeting.

We’re also going to discuss how to best share our progress with the public, which is where you can come in!  Question for our readers: What do you think are good ways to share our sustainability news to people outside our company? Of course, I’ll keep news posted on the website and on the blog, but any ideas beyond that?  I’d appreciate your input!

GREEN TIP!!! (In case the capitalization and exclamation points didn’t let you know, I really like this tip)  To save lots of paper and trees (as well as getting rid of a nuisance), here are ways to stop getting unwanted junk mail:

Thanks to idealbite for these awesome sites.  The average person gets 560 pieces of junk mail a year!

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