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I’m sure you’ve caught on to this, but I’ve decided to alternate full blog posts with a short post with green facts.  It’s a green fact day!

Fun green fact (thanks to Randy, who’s on our Sustainability Committee): recycling just one aluminum can saves enough energy to run a computer for three hours or a TV for two hours.

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Last year we had a Missouri Enterprise Lean, Clean and Green assessment performed for Sportsprint, and we just had our follow up meeting this last week.  I learned that Sportsprint was the first company to undergo this assessment.  Until this follow-up meeting, I never fully understood how many changes were made as a result of the assessment since I wasn’t working for Sportsprint at the time.

However, when we had a walk-through with Mr. Goebel (our Missouri Enterprise partner), he was absolutely floored by the organizational changes made in the production room.  We had replaced some equipment and pumps as a result of the assessment, but seeing Mr. Goebel’s reaction was my favorite part of the follow-up meeting.  A lot of the changes were organizational ones to improve efficiency, but there were also more direct sustainability changes (for example: sealing ink cans to contain fumes and improve quality).  It was very exciting to hear about the progress!

Something we’ve been talking about doing this summer is planting a “Sustainability Kick-Off” tree, so I’ve been researching native trees to plant.  That’s when I came across my green fact of the day, courtesy of Idealbite: If 10,000 people plant just one tree, in a year, we’d keep the CO2 produced by 138 round-trip flights from LA to Paris out of the atmosphere (and planes have TONS of emissions).

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