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It’s been a while since we’ve posted on our green blog here at Sportsprint and we decided that it’s time that we bring you back in the loop on some of the great things we’re doing to make Sportsprint Greener.

 In an effort to go Green, Sportsprint is going Retro!  Looking back, maybe the good old days weren’t as green as they could have been, with 12 mpg cars and fewer recycling programs.   But now we’re making retro and green a match made in heaven!  Join us at the Sportsprint Retro Sale starting Thursday July 21.  We’re striving to live up the the three R’s with our inventory blowout:

 Reduce- Nothing is less green than a bunch of stuff just sitting around not being used.  Instead of cluttering our shelves we want to reduce our inventory and let you put it to great use.  Just imagine all of the things you could do with this great Cardinals mug/tee shirt set–  You could water the plants, fill your doggy bowl and so much more!

Reuse– With T-shirts priced as low as $2.99, you can stock up on shirts and use them for more than just your afternoon jog.    You can make a quilt, a skirt, a laptop case or more… check out more great ideas here

Just $2.99!

Recycle–Help us recycle some great retro St. Louis Cardinals, Blues and Rams gear by getting it out of our warehouse and onto the streets.  With prices starting at just $2.99 you won’t find a better deal anywhere on this great vintage gear.

Rekindle your memories of the path to 70!

Thanks for reading and make sure you stop by the sale!

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Two major apparel-makers announce more eco-options in 08:

 ALO introduces bamboo as a basic for spring to reinforce its mission to minimize the environmental impact of its fabrics. The performance fabric featured in several men’s and women’s styles blends stretch bamboo and cotton spandex to create a lightweight, breathable jersey fabric. This product also boasts moisture-wicking properties and is naturally anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, and breathable with no added chemicals.alo’s bamboo tank (front) w2006crnt-back-womens-tank-tops-t-shirts-f.jpg

Apparel maker Anvil knitwear reveals the next line in its sustainable apparel collection: AnvilRecycled t-shirts. Made from a pre-consumer recycled cotton blend, AnvilRecycled t-shirts will be available this spring!

The primary components of the shirts are the clippings that are created when making other tees. These clippings are then sorted by color and chopped into a fine, linty material, which is spun into yarn and used to produce the recycled cotton t-shirts. The simplified manufacturing process reduces use of energy and resource. By re-processing pre-consumer textile scraps into consumer-ready shirts, Anvil is able to reduce incinerator and landfill waste. Also, the dyeing process is eliminated becaues the textile clippings are color blended.

from Promowear Magazine, March/April 08

{Molly’s notes: The alo bamboo tanks are super cute. My favorite colors that it comes in are “leaf” and “currant” –shown here– They also make short-sleeve and long-sleeve bamboo tees. Ali and I had some printed with StLouisGreen.com’s logo on the tail for their fabulous launch party on the 6th.

I’m excited about Anvil’s new venture into recycled cotton tees, because this will make them more readily available on the market.. I sourced some from the company that will actually be manufacturing them for Anvil, but this means that hopefully more folks will know about and buy recycled cotton tees!}

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