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Has anyone heard of “The Lazy Environmentalist”? He’s this author turned TV show host who shows people how to go green by making changes as integrated and easy changes as possible. Before this summer I think I was falling into a lazy environmentalist category: I recycled, changed my light bulbs, and rode my bike often, but I stopped making changes and came to a stand-still. Now that I’m up to my eyeballs in environmental information, I’m once again becoming cognizant of how to become greener.

Something I’ve noticed that I’m really excited about is how our communities are embracing the green movement. I’m specifically talking about Sportsprint’s home (Ferguson), but it also applies to other towns and communities. One example is The Healthy Planet, a green St. Louis magazine (it’s tagline: Please Read —Then Recycle), which provides articles on going green/green events in St. Louis. Even though it seems small, a local coffee shop now has a recycling bin, as it just started recycling this summer. It’s kind of strange how psyched I was to see their recycling bin, but it’s exciting to see changes, however small, on so many levels.

Here’s more information about The Healthy Planet:


Also, here’s the link to Ideal Bite, a daily green tip email list I’m on. Today I learned about becoming a vegetarian.  Fun fact: apparently Hank Aaron and Dennis Rodman are vegetarians.


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Something Sportsprint is very good at already is recycling boxes- cardboard boxes that garments arrive in are used for our shipping. This started for cost-cutting purposes, but it has the double-whammy of being very sustainable.

Sportsprint also buys boxes from a resale company who sells overstock or messed up boxes, so we often deliver our shirts in boxes that have names from other companies. One deliverer particularly noticed this when he dropped off huge Kahlua boxes at a school. Then he had to explain it wasn’t actually a Kahlua delivery. Everybody’s favorite boxes seem to be the ones that just had LARD written across them. I’ll have to take pictures of the next batch of funny boxes.

It’s green! And funny even.

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A Green Summer

Our blog is now back in action but under new direction for awhile. My name is Brittany Bernacchi, and I’ll be working on the Greening of Sportsprint this summer (so I will be your go-to blogger for the next couple months). I am a rising senior at Washington University in St. Louis, and I am double majoring in biology and psychology. I found Sportsprint through an internship program at Washington University, and I was quickly drawn to their mission of making their company more sustainable. Even though I am not studying sustainability in school, environmental awareness has always been an interest of mine and has become increasingly more important to me in recent years. I’ve always been a green advocate and avid recycler, so I’m excited to be a part of a bigger scale environmental effort!

My primary goal this summer is to prepare Sportsprint for Sustainable Green Printing (SGP) Certification. This is a relatively new certification: there are currently only nine facilities in the United States who are certified SGP printers. However, many facilities are pending certification, and Sportsprint will hopefully be one of them by the end of the summer. Some of certification’s requirements include creating a Sustainability Committee, developing a Sustainability Policy, and implementing sustainable workplace practices. For more information about SGP Certification and specifics about achieving SGP Certification, please see the SHP Partnership website: https://www.sgppartnership.org/index.php

My first few days here will be spent absorbing as much information as possible, as well as making contacts for the rest of the summer. I will keep you updated with our company’s efforts to green our operation, and I look forward our progress this summer. Please feel free to contact me via this blog or my email address (brittbernacchi@gmail.com) if you have any questions or input for me or my project. Go green or go home!

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