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Robin Smith from Channel 4 news came by our store last week to find out about our green apparel options at Sportsprint! They’re doing a segment on Going Green every Thursday at 6pm, so they wanted to talk about green clothing options. Check out the clip here:


(the coolest part is that her assistant called me out of the blue to ask if they could come and do a story on us in 2 days.. didn’t even send a press release or nothin.)

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Well I really gotta hand it to our team here at Sportsprint. I know a lot of them still think I’m crazy, but at least they don’t think it’s crazy to be green. While I’m sure there were (and still are) some admitted skeptics, overall our bunch of committed folks has really done a stellar job with reducing waste, recycling all we can, and being conscientious about what we’re doing.

But I really put them to the test last week. Our building was completely flooded in the wake of Ike and Gustav and all those other crazy natural disasters our country seems to be having. (global warming, anyone?) It was devastating. Imagine walking into a 20,000 sq ft building that not only holds all of our screen printing and embroidery equipment, but our inventory of blank goods, finished customer goods, racks of samples, office furniture, file cabinets, and¬†computers, and seeing that the carpet is soaking wet, there are puddles of water throughout the plant, and there’s a layer of dirt over most of the floors. Nightmare, right? Well we have to remind ourselves of what others are dealing with in disasters and be grateful that we didn’t lose even more. But it still sucks. Well chalk another catastrophe up to what our company has weathered in our 35 years of business! We survived a fire in 1990 (which burned a brand new warehouse, printshop and showroom down to the ground), a massive wind and hailstorm that blew part of our roof off of our current building a few years ago, and now a flood.

So how did we deal?

Well, our team pulled together and pulled the carpet up and got it out of here (too bad wet carpet can’t be recycled). Then we had to disinfect everything to prevent mold and mildew. Especially on the drywall. But instead of using bleach, which¬†contains chlorine and is a notorious eco no-no, we went for the green version of bleach – hydrogen peroxide! And its antimicrobial, antibacterial properties went to work while our team went to work removing the baseboards near the drywall and spraying everything down with hydrogen peroxide. After that we cleaned with Simple Green cleaning solution. And the next step is a good powerful steam clean.

So yeah, the floodwater came and went. But our commitment to minimizing our impact hasn’t.

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