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Energy audit

Well last week was a very exciting milestone in the greening of Sportsprint.. Doug Neidigh of … came to Sportsprint for the day to do a wholistic environmental audit – to look at our operations, investigate greener manufacturing processes for our company, and make recommendations. We are eager to hear his recommendations.

Yesterday Tim Bennett (the production manager), Dave Goebel (our Missouri Enterprise partner), and I met with Rick Weber, a sales rep for Gateway Screen Products, to learn about the more environmentally-friendly screen printing inks that are available in the marketplace. It was a very informative meeting. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that plastisol inks do not give off VOC’s.. BUT the chemical odor that can be smelled in our plant in the heat of the summer is actually the result of the garment dye evaporating. Apparently when t-shirts are cut, sewn, and dyed, the dyeing process is very chemical-intensive. Poly-cotton blend t-shirts especially give off a smell, since the polyester doesn’t really absorb the dye, it just sits on top of the fiber and is more easily evaporated when the ink is cured in the dryer. With organic cotton tees, this is a non-issue, because in order for the tees to be sold as organic, the dyes have to be low-impact in accordance with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards).. another reason to buy organic! (not only for the way the cotton was grown, but also for the dyes that go into the garment.)

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